COVID-19 Protocols


Dr. Higham and Dr. Sauchelli’s dental office is OPEN!

Our primary focus has always been to protect our dental team, our patients and our community. This is now more important than it ever was before.

What are we doing differently now to combat COVID-19?

  • Automating patient communication as much as possible
  • Patient questionnaire is emailed to patient asking COVID-19 related questions prior to the appointment. These questions are related to health conditions, possible exposure to COVID-19, recent travel to hotspots, and domestic travel.
  • Upon arrival to the office all patients are asked to wash their hands. The patient must be subject to a temperature check. Our team is also checked daily for temperature and symptoms.
  • Social distancing is practiced at the office. There will be no waiting to go into treatment room. Except when medically necessary, there will no one accompanying our patients.
  • We have increased our treatment times to accomplish increased infection control and repurposing the treatment rooms. As all of our dental community knows, we have separate treatment suites with full walls and doors.
  • All patients arrive with a personal mask that they will leave on until treatment, and then put back on when leaving.
  • We have marked our floor with tape to ensure social distancing for our superstar team member Gina to help you to complete your visit.
  • Scrubs are cleaned daily and stored in sterile environments within the office during off hours.
  • All commonly touched areas (door handles, knobs, surfaces, countertops, bathroom, etc.) are disinfected at least once an hour.

We are committed to our community, patients, and team to provide the safest dental office.

We have appropriated all the necessary PPE to protect everyone involved. We are wearing gowns, N-95 masks, face shields, and hair coverings. We have always focused on safety and continue to monitor all the necessary precautions while adopting new ones when necessary. Please know, we are a practice of family members and treat everyone as family. Our family members are also patients here. Your health and safety are our primary concern. At your next appointment, you will notice an enhancement to our total health care and your teeth will still not be our only focus!

If you are longing for a safe dental home, you have found it! We are available to meet your dental needs.